Quality Control

Quality Policy

Quality Improvement,

Customer Satisfaction

Business Continuity

  • Quality Improvement

To implement the spirit of the ISO 9001 standard. Through the establishment of constantly

innovated and continuously improved technology and quality management system, strive for excellence in quality and progress to world-class quality.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Take fully achievement of customer needs and expectations as a goal to pursuit; to develop and provide products that meet the requirements of laws and regulations and customer needs is a consistent aim; to exercise self- control, devote to work, and improve each process is the commitment of Company’s each employee.

  • Business Continuity

To advocate listening to the needs of customers, providing good service, and have a good and honest reputation, as the Company’s continued development of the guarantee.

General Manager ensures that the quality policy shall

1. Adapt to the Company’s purpose.

2. Include commitment to meeting requirements and continuously improving the effectiveness of the quality management system.

3. Provide a framework for the development and review of quality objectives.

4. Be communicated and be understood within the Company.

5. Be reviewed through management reviews to maintain suitability and achieve continuous improvement.


Quality Objectives

1.   The General Manager ensures that quality objectives are established in the relevant departments of the Company and the various management levels. The quality objectives should be measurable and consistent with the quality policy. At the beginning of each year, according to the framework of the quality policy and the achievement of the previous year’s quality objectives, the Company organizes and formulates the Company’s annual quality objectives, which shall be released and implemented after approval by the General Manager.

2.   Mid-term (three-year) Quality Goals

A. Yield ≥ 98%

B. Product returns rate ≤ 1.5%

C. Customer complaints processing completion rate ≥ 95%

D. Customer satisfaction ≥ 85% or more

Quality Commitment

The General Manager guarantees that all quality activities of the Company are subject to the requirements of this Quality Policy. Any violation of the quality policy and quality objectives will be punished to ensure that the Company’s product quality and service quality can fully satisfy the customer.

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